“Dr. Tiu and his assistants are extremely attentive and friendly, and they make you feel like part of their family. They take great care in cleaning your teeth thoroughly, without injuring your gums. Even when things don’t go according to plan (e.g. retainer mold breaks or does not fit), they go the extra mile to make sure you are satisfied with their service (e.g. take the time to make another mold and custom fit/adjust the retainer to fit as perfectly as possible). I highly recommend Vasco Dental for a hygienic and quick cleaning experience.”

Tina C., Livermore, CA – 10/8/2012 via Yelp


“I have been seeing Dr. Tiu for years.  I like him and the dental hygienists here so much, that when I moved 30 miles away, I continued to make the drive down to Livermore twice a year to go to Vasco Dental.

These are incredibly nice people, very patient with me (even though I can be a real wimp in the chair), and the prices are reasonable.  I never have to wait–they always take me in promptly at my appointment time, and the visits are quick.  I have no complaints about this place. “

Janice T., Lafayette, CA – 4/5/2012 via Yelp


“Been a patient of Dr. Tiu ever since he opened his practice at this location which happened to be when I moved to the SF Bay Area. I’m very picky about dentists and have been extremely satisfied with the whole team. I’m even keeping them as my dentist after having moved to San Jose. Very modern, clean, professional office with latest technology. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this practice to my friends and colleagues.”

Steve T., Nipomo, CA – 7/19/2011 via Yelp


“Me & my family have been going to Vasco Dental for three years. And I have to Say they are the Best  Friendly and well trained staff!! I have had some changeling dental work and I am amazed on how Dr. William Tiu has corrected my teeth and I am greatful for having such a wonderful Dentist. I always recommend Dr. William Tiu @ Vasco Dental!! Not only do they do great work they are also very clean and friendly and comforting I am so releaxed when I am in the chair knowing I am in good hands! Good Bye Dental fears!”

Penny W., Livermore, CA – 10/14/2010 via Yelp


“So I sort of neglected my dental appointments for………..a few years? I keep my teeth clean and don’t have any unusual issues. I was almost a little afraid to go back after all the time that passed. I live close to Vasco dental and decided to suck it up and give it a shot. Well…………….

The receptionist was kind and very inviting. I went through all the x-rays and had a chance to been one of the assistant and the dentist. I was amazed on how careful, kind, accommodating, and  professional the dentist and the assistant were. The office was clean, the processes and actions were explained in great detail, and they went out of their way to ensure my comfort.

I love this office. This is my new dentist from here on out.”

James B., Livermore, CA – 8/26/2010 via Yelp


“Vasco Dental is a small family dental practice in Livermore. The clinic is clean, the atmosphere is comfortable, and it is kid friendly. The wait is bearable as well.

Dr. Tiu is a friendly Filipino man who, in my opinion, really knows how to clean teeth. I can actually feel that my teeth was getting cleaned and that he wasn’t just brushing it off. He is honest and is great with explaining dental procedures with his patients. His office is technologically advanced since each chair has a computer where the patient can view his/her teeth on the screen.

The location is also convenient because it is next to a grocery store, so after your appointment you can run some errands before going back home.

Wonderful dentist! You should definitely go to him!”

Issabella S., Omaha, NE – 7/21/2010 via Yelp

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